It’s a support program for
people who most need it

Our Program

For almost 7 years, we’ve taken a step forward to help and we’ll keep working hard to go further. Extraordinary events in 2020 have made it clear companies have a responsibility with society and the world around us. In TAO HR we’re committed to leading with love so that we can advance together in coming years to do good and care for our communities, for equality and society at large.

What is
our purpose?

Be it helping youth in disadvantaged social-economic conditions, delivering smiles or giving humanitarian help to displaced families; our goal is to better the quality of life and welfare of our community. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and well-being of our community

Future Projects

In the past decade, we’ve declared a conjunction of objectives and commitments to support, through our collaborators, vulnerable groups in society. Since then, our business has grown and so will our efforts to continue assisting more our community.

TAO 2030

Nowadays we concentrate our energy thinking of 2030 as a new group of resolutions to uphold. Adopting practices destined to impulse society to this country that has given so much to our company, so that we may be able to contribute to the reduction of social and educational inequality or in regards to public health in marginalized groups.

It’s our country, our Home
Now is our Chance!

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Children’s health

Help Santa

Robots and technology

Humanitarian help



Children’s health

Association that helps children in critical state. With the objective of facilitating access to third level medicine to kids younger than 18 that lack economic resources and are looking to better their quality of life and preserve their dignity.

Committed with the youth, TAO contributed to giving a smile to the kids of the foundation donating toys, food and helping financially.

Help Santa

As is tradition each year in the holiday season, TAO gifts toys to orphanages and foundations dedicated to homeless children.

It’s a joy for us to give all these little ones a smile around these days!

Robots and technology

Interested in the social development of our community. TAO proudly sponsors child champions in children's robotics and engineering projects, congratulations to them!

Our company is committed to the future of the new generations!

Humanitarian help

Devoted to our immigrant brothers TAO gives support to families coming from other countries.

Because no human is illegal, in TAO we are at our best disposition to offer assistance to children and women from other places of the world.


Non lucrative organizations that give nourishment, formation and development of values to vulnerable communities in Nuevo León.

Attentive to those less fortunate, our company helps orphanages and children’s homes.

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While TAO HR competes fiercely to grasp business leadership, our company isn’t only concerned with our clients or our results, we are also looking to give back a little and contribute to the society who’s seen us triumph and grow.

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The future starts with our good actions.
Companies should unite efforts for our community.

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